About Us

About Us


Welcome to Film Ahoy and what we are all about: Independent Cinema!  Our aim is to provide a fresh and easy-to-navigate site bringing together an exciting, international catalogue of films spanning a vast choice of genres.

As filmmakers ourselves, we have seen how the digital era is changing the independent film sector, offering fewer opportunities for filmmakers to make sustainable models.  It is hard to compete with the giant studios and expect consumers to pay the same price for the lesser known independent films.  We are proud that our model offers a strong pricing strategy, with volume, quality and rich content.

Here, at Film Ahoy, we pride ourselves on offering the most expansive catalogue of films available to watch free of charge.  Rather than charging a monthly subscription service or a varying price per film, each film can be watched with the inclusion of two-minute advertising breaks every 20 minutes during the film.  But, there is also the option of paying a flat rate - £1 per film - to watch without the ad-breaks.  This structure allows us provide the audience with the most cost-effective way to view their favourite films, and, as importantly, means revenue goes directly back into the independent film industry.  Put very simply, it means that filmmakers can continue making amazing cinema experiences long into the future, within a sustainable film industry.

This modern mix of audience payments and advertising revenue also, vitally, allows us to take on the global issue of movie piracy, which has been choking the industry since the advent of online file sharing.  If films can be watched legally for free, or for the price of a soft drink, without the often excruciatingly poor  image and sound quality frequently dominating illegal copies, it gives a clear and appealing alternative to pirating films.

We offer a major opportunity for Advertisers to bring their clients’ products to a global audience, with great prospects for acute audience targeting based on genres and international territories.

We hope you enjoy Film Ahoy as much as we have loved creating it. Break out the popcorn!