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Here is how you submit your film. 

Our model is very simple. People have the option to watch any of the films for free, but they have commercial breaks in there every twenty minutes. If they do not want to watch the films with commercials then they will pay £1 to watch the film commercial free. For an average ninety minute film, we will receive a revenue of  £0.20 per film. This includes four 2 minute advert breaks and a sponsor at the beginning of the film. The advert model is based on volume of views, and 100,000 views would generate £20,000 in revenue and 1,000,000 views would generate £200,000 in revenue. If you add the revenue generated from the £1 per view advert free, this model could prove to be very lucrative.

All revenue is then split 50/50 with the filmmakers / distributors and the revenue will be reported quarterly.  

We are currently looking quality independent films to go up onto the site. This can be from your latest releases to some of your older films. We can also be location specific, so if your title has been released in certain territories we can isolate them from the site. This will generate revenue you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

The site is due to go live in June and we have a strong marketing campaign in place to make sure the site is seen. If you have titles which you feel would thrive on this exciting new distribution platform, please email a list of titles and links to the films trailers.

Here is a link to the application form. Copy and paste the link into your browser.

Please email it to